Spare Parts Running Low!

Since launching my spare parts store, I’ve been surprised at how popular it has been. So much so in fact, that my supplies of spare parts are starting to run low in a couple of key areas. My supplies of batteries and charging boards is rapidly running out. So if you need replacements for these, please order now, while stock last!

One of my concerns about running a support site for obsolete Hudl2 tablets is that it was always going to be batteries that would ultimate become the crunch point. As they only have a finite life span, every Hudl2 owner is going to need a replacement eventually if they want to keep using their favorite tablet. Unfortunately, the laws of capitalism dictate that as supply runs low and demand ramps up, price will inevitable rise. So I can easily see a scenario in which Hudl2 batteries start selling for hundreds of pounds each on eBay. However, I remain committed to selling my spares at a reasonable price. While stock last.

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