Hudl 2 Troubleshooting

There are some basic troubleshooting techniques for the Hudl 2 that are well worth documenting.

Hudl 2 Factory Reset

Having repaired a lot of Hudl 2’s one of the most common issues is that many people aren’t aware that you can reset the Hudl 2 to factory defaults even if the touch screen isn’t working. It’s generally not a good idea to sell a broken device, or send it for repair if it contains all of your data and photos. This is particularly relevant if you have not set a password or pattern on your lock screen. Follow the steps below to reset your Hudl 2 to factory defaults, even if the touch screen isn’t working:

  • Ensure your tablet is powered off fully.
  • Press and hold the power and volume up buttons until the Powered by Android logo appears.

Hudl 2 showing Power and Volume up Button Highlighted


  • The Android system recovery menu will appear. The touch screen will not function on this menu so you will need to navigate it using the Volume Up and Down buttons. Pressing Power will confirm your selection.


  • Use volume down to select wipe data/factory reset.
  • On the next screen, use Volume Down to highlight Yes– delete all user data.


  • Press Power to confirm.
  • Once the format has completed, the Android system recovery menu will reappear.
  • A Reboot system now option will now be highlighted.
  • Press the Power button to confirm and restart the device.

It’s well worth doing this is your Hudl starts slowing down due to malware and virus’s. In most cases, restoring the Hudl 2 back to factory defaults will get it running smoothly again. Please note, restoring to factory defaults will delete all of you data. However, when you sign into your Google account, you can see a history of all of the apps you have previously purchased or downloaded from the Play store and can download them again.

Hudl 2 Safe Mode

Booting in safe mode: While your  Hudl 2 is powered off, hold down both the [volume-] and [power] buttons.When Hudl 2 powers on and displays the android logo, release [power] button but keep [volume-] pressed. When booting has finished, Hudl 2 will now be in ‘safe mode’. Safe mode will disable any non default software that could potentially stop the device from booting, or prevent you from login in.

Hudl 2 Soft Reset

So how do you get your Hudl2 out if Safe Mode when you’ve finished troubleshooting with it? This is where the soft reset comes in handy. With your Hudl2 up and running in Safe Mode, press and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds. It will power off without you having to confirm shut down and complete a soft reset, retaining all of your data.