History of the Hudl 2

The Hudl 2 Android Tablet was released by Tesco on October 9, 2014 to great critical acclaim in technology media. Tesco assembled a team of highly talented designer and developers and they went on to create what many people still regard as the best Android tablet available for the price.

It was released in 8 different colours which helped selling the tablet in large volumes to kids.

Hudl2 Colours











  • Jazzy Blue
  • Zesty Orange
  • Slate Black
  • Rocket Red
  • Tropical Turquoise,
  • Dreamy White
  • Perky Purple
  • Bubblegum Pink

On theĀ 18 November 2015 Tesco announced they were ceasing production of the Hudl 2.

It’s difficult to find any information on how many Hudl 2’s were sold. However, given that the original Hudl tablet sold around 750,000 units and the Hudl 2 was far better received with much more positive reviews and media coverage, it would be reasonable to assume that this figure was in the millions. It remains a mystery why Tesco gave on on what was is and clearly remains one of the best Android tablets for the price point.