Hudl 2 Repairs Visual Guide now available on Amazon!

Finally finished the book had it proof read by my good friend Toby Kilburn and uploaded it to Amazon KDP. Apparently it normally takes them 72 hours to approve a new book, but my one went live in less than four hours!

I’m still struggling with some formatting issues with the book. It works great on Kindles, but doesn’t look great in the Kindle app on Android and IOS. I am planning to get full colour paperback version uploaded today, if I can figure out some issues with the DPI on the images.

Anyway at long last here’s a link to my book on Amazon:

Here’s the blurb I came up with:

The Hudl 2 Visual Repair guide is designed to take someone with no experience of repairing Hudl 2 tablets through the whole process of fixing any type of hardware fault. In includes a detailed step by step tear down of the Hudl 2 as well as covering virtually every type of hardware fault and some common software based issues. Learn how to diagnose, troubleshoot faults and more importantly fix them!

After running a successfully Hudl 2 repair business, I decided to share my knowledge with the world. The book also includes advanced repair techniques and projects you can follow to make use of a broken Hudl 2 as a desktop PC, or Kodi media centre. Packed with tips and techniques, it provides everything you could possibly need to start successfully repairing Hudl 2 tablets.

Including step by step guides to:

Hudl 2 Screen Replacement
Hudl 2 Charging Board Replacement
Hudl 2 Battery Replacement
Troubleshooting Motherboard Issues



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