Spare Parts Running Low!

Since launching my spare parts store, I’ve been surprised at how popular it has been. So much so in fact, that my supplies of spare parts are starting to run low in a couple of key areas. My supplies of batteries and charging boards is rapidly running out. So if you need replacements for these, please order now, while stock last!

One of my concerns about running a support site for obsolete Hudl2 tablets is that it was always going to be batteries that would ultimate become the crunch point. As they only have a finite life span, every Hudl2 owner is going to need a replacement eventually if they want to keep using their favorite tablet. Unfortunately, the laws of capitalism dictate that as supply runs low and demand ramps up, price will inevitable rise. So I can easily see a scenario in which Hudl2 batteries start selling for hundreds of pounds each on eBay. However, I remain committed to selling my spares at a reasonable price. While stock last.

Hudl 2 Repairs the Book!

For the last few weeks I’ve had my head down using every spare minute I could find to write a Hudl 2 repairs book. This is designed to appeal to the type of person that’s not adverse to doing DIY repairs, but would rather have some guidance rather than blundering around in the dark. I’ve squeezed literally every drop of knowledge I’ve developed about Hudl2 repairs over the last 12 months into it.

Hopefully it will live on the Amazon Kindle store in a couple of weeks!

If you would like to register your interest please sign up for our Newsletter and we’ll let you know when it’s released!


Hudl2 Spare Parts Store!

We are very excited to announce that we will soon be launching out Hudl2 Spare Parts Store. This will be a new page on the site where you can buy spare parts directly from us. The current line up on the store will consist of:

  • Hudl2 Front Facing Cameras
  • Hudl2 Rear Facing Cameras
  • USB to Motherboard Cables
  • LCM Cables
  • Charging Ports:
  • Pair of Speakers
  • Replacement Batteries
  • Replacement Back Panels
  • Hudl2 Cracked Screen with working LCD’s

These items will be priced reasonably, as due to the obsolete nature of the Hudl2, some vendors on eBay are charging grossly inflated prices for some of the above items. Spares in our store are priced so that we cover our packing and posting costs with a small amount of mark up for our time. Please check back soon when the store will be live!



Yes, we are still here!

I’m getting a lot of emails at the moment from people asking if we are still repairing Hudl2’s. We are. It’s been pretty much non stop for me since I launched the site, with the peaks tending to occur during the school holidays where accidents are naturally more likely to happen. When MineCraft and Roblox deprivation set in, that seems to been when the real value of a Hudl2 becomes apparent!

We’re able to fix any problem with a Hudl2, from broken screens to faulty charging ports, replacement motherboard (when they are available), battery replacements and software related issues.

If you’re having a Hudl2 problem, please feel free to contact me. If I can help via email, I’ll always do my best to respond in a timely manner. As there is a finanicial cost associated with running a website, you can always assume that if the site is still online, then there is still a human pulse behind it.

How to Contact us for Help

The quality of the support requests I’m getting at the moment is hitting an all time low. If you’re contacting a web site for free help with a problem that YOU HAVE then please try and bear the following in mind.

  • It’s a human being that answers your emails, not a machine. So, some basic courtesy can go a long way and may also help prevent your email from being immediately deleted.
  • Provide as much information about the problem you are having as you possibly can. This helps us to figure out what the problem might be and come back with some constructive ideas to help you. If you email us a vague problem, the first thing that crosses my mind is how long this is going to take? I see an endless string of emails in front of me that I would rather not deal with, as I try to tease out the details of the actual problem.
  • If you are provided with a solution to a problem free of charge, then it’s important that you let us know if the problem is fixed. No only is the basic courtesy, it also helps us provide better support going forward or allows us to add additional support material to the website.
  • Speaking of which, browse the website first. It’s full of material that relates to common Hudl2 related issues and I didn’t write this material for the fun of it.


The Dreamy White Screen Shortage

There’s currently a shortage of dreamy white Hudl2 replacement screens. As is always the case when demand out strips supply, all the vendors selling have massively inflated their prices. Here a screen grab I have just taken from eBay:

As it possible to purchase a new Hudl2 on eBay for less than this, I’m currently having to suspend the White Hudl2 Screen replacement service. No other colours are currently effected. However, please bear in mind that you don’t have to replace a white screen with a white screen. All the screen colours are compatible and interchangeable, so when you order a screen replacement you can order any colour you like and we can supply a back to match free of charge. Also the White Hudl2 has a problem with the discoloration of the plastic. This doesn’t effect any of the other colours.

Hudl2 Motherboard Shortage

There’s is currently a real shortage of Hudl2 motherboards. The only method I have of sourcing working Hudl2 motherboards is to purchase Hudl2 tablets with cracked screens that still boot on eBay and harvest the motherboards from those. As some times the motherboards have other issues, this proves both expensive and time consuming, as we test the motherboard for every function and prove that they work 100%.

As a result we have had to temporarily suspend our diagnostic service, as 95% of the time a Hudl2 that won’t boot has a faulty motherboard.  We will re-instate the diagnostic service as soon as we have built up a decent supply of fully working motherboards.