How to Contact us for Help

The quality of the support requests I’m getting at the moment is hitting an all time low. If you’re contacting a web site for free help with a problem that YOU HAVE then please try and bear the following in mind.

  • It’s a human being that answers your emails, not a machine. So, some basic courtesy can go a long way and may also help prevent your email from being immediately deleted.
  • Provide as much information about the problem you are having as you possibly can. This helps us to figure out what the problem might be and come back with some constructive ideas to help you. If you email us a vague problem, the first thing that crosses my mind is how long this is going to take? I see an endless string of emails in front of me that I would rather not deal with, as I try to tease out the details of the actual problem.
  • If you are provided with a solution to a problem free of charge, then it’s important that you let us know if the problem is fixed. No only is the basic courtesy, it also helps us provide better support going forward or allows us to add additional support material to the website.
  • Speaking of which, browse the website first. It’s full of material that relates to common Hudl2 related issues and I didn’t write this material for the fun of it.


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