Photographing Hudl2’s

Photos make a real difference to how well a Hudl2 sell on eBay. Most Smart Phone Cameras now provide excellent image quality and are able to shoot extremely good close up shots. As eBay allow you to upload 12 images free of charge, it’s madness not to take a series of shots, as this will inspire confidence resulting in more bids and impulse purchases on buy it now items.

It also helps to think about the best way to display a Hudl2. If you have a box charger and accessories to sell as a bundle, it makes sense to setup a shot an take an image showing all the items together. If you have the original box then you can easily setup a shot like this, using the inner sleeve of the box as as simple way of propping up the Hudl 2. Show something eye catching on the Hudl 2 screen.



Take close ups of any imperfection, as this will enable buyers to make an informed choice.



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