3 x 7″ Tablets for Sale on eBay

Having a bit of a clear out at the moment. Currently selling 2 x Amazon Fire 7 tablets and a Lenovo Tab A7 on ebay in one 7″ bundle:


All three tablets are in good working order and pretty good condition. They have all be upgraded to the latest firmware version available and factory reset. The Lenovo comes with it’s original box. The Fire 7’s done come with boxes as the boxes Amazon ship them in are cheap disposable one’s. Included are two micro SD cards (one 8gb and the other 32gb). USB charging plugs and cables are included.



eBay: Hudl2 Jazzy Blue Bundle

We’ve been so busy with the Hudl2 repairs for the the last few weeks that we haven’t had time to sell any refuribished Husl2’s on ebay.

Well today we have!

Please check out http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hudl2-Jazzy-Blue-/232086645669

We’re selling a really nice Jazzy Blue Hudl2 bundle including the original box, including the original celophane bag the Hudl2’s orignially came in, the information screen protector, official Hudl2 plug and charge cable as well as an official Hudl2 two shell case.



The whole bundle is in excellent condition and would make an excellent gift.

eBay: Hudl2 The Tropical Tourquoise One Refurbished running KitKat


Currently trying something different with the latest Hudl2 I’m selling on eBay. Rather than applying the Lollipop upgrade, I was able to leave this one on KitKat. This means the root vulnerabilities are still present allowing you to root it if you want to.

It’s in good condition, not perfect, with some stains near the power switches. However, the replacement screen I installed is in excellent condition.

Snap it up for £85 with free shipping!


20160709_164927 20160709_163827 20160709_164046 20160709_164205 20160709_164228 20160709_164748

Photographing Hudl2’s

Photos make a real difference to how well a Hudl2 sell on eBay. Most Smart Phone Cameras now provide excellent image quality and are able to shoot extremely good close up shots. As eBay allow you to upload 12 images free of charge, it’s madness not to take a series of shots, as this will inspire confidence resulting in more bids and impulse purchases on buy it now items.

It also helps to think about the best way to display a Hudl2. If you have a box charger and accessories to sell as a bundle, it makes sense to setup a shot an take an image showing all the items together. If you have the original box then you can easily setup a shot like this, using the inner sleeve of the box as as simple way of propping up the Hudl 2. Show something eye catching on the Hudl 2 screen.



Take close ups of any imperfection, as this will enable buyers to make an informed choice.



Hudl2 Bubblegum Pink Buy it Now!

After getting bombarded with “do you have a buy it now price?” question from people on eBay, I’ve listed the latest refurbished Hudl 2 I’ve repaired as a buy it now. You can snap this up for £90 with free shipping:


The Hudl2 is in good condition, with a couple of minor scratches on the replacement screen and some faint black felt tip pin marks on the back of the case. It does come with the original Hudl2 BubbleGum Pink Box as well as the Hudl 2 Plug and charging cable.




eBay: Slate Black Hudl 2 Perfect Working Order

Fresh out of our Hudl 2 repair labs, we are proud to offer a slate black Hudl 2 fully referbished with a new screen. It has been upgraded to Lollipop firmware and every feature has tested successfully including the HDMI Out and Bluetooth.  It comes with the original box and a 2m white charging cable.

It’s in great condition, apart from a small scratch on the back of the case next to the star in the Hudl 2 logo (see image below).


We’ve started the price on this at 99p and the auction begins on 02 Jun, 2016 19:30:16 BST.

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