Hudl 2 Screen Replacement

We Replace Hudl 2 Cracked Screens!

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If  you would rather not repair your cracked Hudl 2 screen yourself (and let’s face it, not everyone has the skills, inclination or the time to do this), we can do it for you. We offer a postal Hudl 2 repair service. Just send us your Hudl 2 and we will replace the screen and send it back to you. Our price of £60 covers the cost of the replacement screen, our time to install it and the shipping cost of returning it to you via My Hermes. Payment by PayPal offers you the protection you need. Please contact us for more information, or Click to Select your Screen Colour in the image above to get the process started!

Hudl 2 DIY Screen Repair

Replacing a Hudl 2 screen is a non trivial task, mainly because the glass is bonded to the LCD, you have to replace the whole top section of the Hudl 2. This means removing and transplanting all of the working components from the broken screen into the new screen. Anyway a picture paints a thousand words. So here’s a video of the whole process.

Please use the link below to order a replacement Hudl 2 screen from Amazon:

hudl2 Replacement Screen

So Where to you get your replacement screens from?

We are frequently asked if we sell replacement screens. Generally the answer is no, unless we have a vast surplus of stock. If you would like to purchase a replacement screen to complete a DIY repair yourself, then please use the link below:

Tesco Hudl 2 Replacement Full Screen LCD Digitizer Assembly (Replacment Screen only, not full tablet)

The replacement screens normally arrive in robust packaging that can be re-used for shipping refurbished Hudl 2’s, dramatically cutting down the packaging costs for shipping, if you’re planning to sell a refurbuished Hudl 2.

Hudl2 Replacement Screen Box
This is the type of box that replacement Hudl 2 Screens normally arrive in.


Testing the Screen After you’ve Replaced it.

You’ll know pretty quickly whether the replacement screen is working OK. However, the Hudl 2 supports 10 point touch. If you’d like to confirm that this is working, then I’d recommend downloading an app from the Play Store called “Fun with Particles”. This will allow you to test all Ten touch points at once.

However, this will *not* provide a full test of the touch screen. For that, you’ll need to use a dedicated Touch Screen Testing app. For more information, please checkout our touch screen problems page.


Further Testing Post Screen Replacement

Of course, it’s not just the screen that needs to be tested post replacement, given that you have moved all of the components, other things you should test include:

  1. Wifi Connectivity
  2. Speakers (streaming Netflix or watching a Youtube video successfully will prove that WiFi works as well)
  3. Microphone (use the default voice recorder app or download a better one from the Play store.)
  4. Bluetooth (Find something to pair with)
  5. USB charging
  6. OTG USB
  7. HDMI Port
  8. Front Facing Camera
  9. Rear Facing Camera
  10. SD Card Slot

It goes without saying, that will complete all of these test after repairing your Hudl 2 if you use our postal Hudl 2 repair service.