Hudl 2 Battery Replacement


Hudl2 Replacement Battery
Hudl 2 Replacement Battery

The Battery in your Hudl 2 won’t last forever. Sorry to break this to you, but at some point your battery performance is going to start to degrade and it will eventually fail. It’s a fact of life that batteries will not last indefinitely and can only be charged a finite number of times. Fortunately, replacing the Battery is by far and away the simplest Hudl 2 repair you can complete. Here’s a short video I made showing the process of removing the battery. You just need to repeat these steps in reverse to replace a Hudl 2 Battery.

You can purchase a replacement Hudl 2 battery From our Spare Parts Store:

Click to Visit Our Spare Parts Store!

However, if you’d like us to replace your Hudl 2 battery for you, then please use our postal repair service. For ¬£25 we will install a new battery in your Hudl 2 and give it a new lease of life. The cost includes the replacement battery itself, the time it takes us to install it and the return shipping costs to you via My Hermes tracked. Please contact us for more information.

If you’d rather get moving on the repair right away please purchase it below:

Step #1.

Please Click the link below to add the Hudl 2 Battery replacement service order to you cart, then click the Checkout with Paypal Button to pay us.



As soon as your Payment is received, we will order a replacement Battery if we don’t have it in stock.

Step #2.

Send your Hudl 2 to:

Hudl 2 Repairs
11 st Nicholas Street

Please ensure that the Hudl 2 is sent in a secure package. However, we’d recommend two jiffy bags. One big enough for the Hudl 2 to fit inside, then place this inside a bigger jiffy bag. Please ensure you include your return address details and email address inside the package.¬†As we routinely repair a lot of Hudl 2’s it’s vital that we know which one belongs to you!

Step #3.

We’ll keep you updated on how the repair is going and confirm receipt of your broken Hudl 2 via email when it arrives.

Step #4.

We will return your fully working repaired Hudl 2 to you via My Hermes Tracked, with shipping costs included in your  purchase.