Hudl2 Spare Parts Store: Replacement Battery

Hudl2 Battery: £9.99

All of these batteries have been tested working. All of them have been charged in a test Hudl2 to confirm they charge to 100% state and that the Hudl2 charging light turns green.

Please note, these are not new. As the Hudl2 is no longer being manufactured, there is no source of new batteries. Treat any vendor claiming to be selling new Hudl2 batteries with extreme skepticism.


Shipping and Returns

The items will be shipped the day after you place the order to the address associated with your PayPal account. If you want them shipped to a different address, please email us the details after you place your order.

Please note, we do not accept returns or refunds on any of these items. They have all been tested working. So if you order a replacement battery for your Hudl2 for example and it still won’t boot, this in effect means the fault is with the motherboard and not the battery. The same goes of the charging port and other items.