Special Offer on Screen Replacement has Ended…

All good things must eventually come to an end. The special offer on Screen Replacements has come to an end. The price for screen replacement is back up to £60. Replacing Hudl 2 screens is a time consuming process and we are only working on a very small profit margin even at £60 once return shipping and packing is included.

Please check out our Hudl 2 screen replacement page here. As well as links to our postal Hudl 2 screen replacement service, this also has links to a video video explaining how to complete a DIY Hudl 2 screen repairs as well as links locations where you can purchase Hudl 2 replacement screens.

Don’t Forget to Leave your Return Address!

Just a quick post to remind people that Pay us and send their Hudl 2’s to us for repair, please, please, please remember to put your return address inside. We’ve recently had a run of several Rocket Red Hudl2’s with cracked screens to repair and two of them were sent without any form of identification. This results in us having to spend a lot of extra time taking snaps of the packaging and emailing photos to people to help identify them.

You don’t have to go to a great deal of effort. Just a slip of paper with your email address on will be fine! The last thing we want to do is mix up Hudl2’s and send them to the wrong customers!

Hudl 2 Battery Life After Lollipop

Since Tesco’s released the Lollipop update for the Hudl 2, lots of people have reported issues with Battery performance after upgrading their Hudl 2’s to Lollipop.  According to some sources this issue is due to the Lollipop update being installed without the Hudl 2 being on full charge and plugged in. I could see how it would be possible for the firmware update to have some sort of bug that detects the current battery charge level as the maximum level the battery could reach.

Having refurbished several Hudl 2’s, I can confirm that the firmware update doesn’t allow itself to be installed without a specific percentage of battery charge. The update is in two parts, both of which have different battery requirements. As a rule of thumb, I wouldn’t install a firmware update without my device being:

  1. Fully Charged
  2. On Mains Power

I’m not sure if this feature was always in the firmware update or if it was introduced as a remedial measure to prevent people with low battery levels installing the firmware update and bricking their devices when the power runs out in the middle of an upgrade. However there is a simple work around that may improve the battery performance of your Hudl 2 running on Lollipop. Wipe the cache. You don’t need to be rooted to do this (and you can’t currently root a Hudl 2 Lollipop anyway). This is non distructive and won’t delete any of your files.

With the Device Turned off, press and hold the Volume up and Power Button.

This will get you to the Hudl 2 Boot menu. The touch screen doesn’t work in this menu, so you need to navigate up and down with the volume up and down buttons and select with the power button.

Select Wipe Cache and press the power button to select. This will now wipe the cache. The time this take varies depending on the size of the cache, so expect to wait anywhere between a couple of seconds and several minutes.

Hudl2 Wipe Cache Partition
Hudl 2 Wipe Cache Partition

Once the wipe is complete your Hudl 2 will return to the Boot Menu. Select reboot using the Volume up and down commands and select the option with the power button. Your hudl 2 will now reboot normally. Charge it up and see if your battery performance improves.

I suspect this might resolve a lot of problems as I haven’t experienced poor battery performance on Lollipop. However, this may be due to my OCD approach of refusing to install an update without a full battery charge and mains power.