Hudl2 Diagnostics: Battery Won’t Charge


The most likely scenario in this instance is that the battery in your Hudl2 needs replacing. Charge is getting to the battery, but the battery is incapable of receiving the charge and is unable to supply any power to the screen or the motherboard. The good news is that replacing the battery is one of the simplest DIY repairs to complete. Replacement Hudl2 batteries can normally be purchased for about £8.99 from Amazon and eBay.

Here’s a video I made of me removing a battery from a Hudl2. Just repeat these steps in reverse to replace that defunct battery with a nice working one:

If you would rather we replaced the battery for you please order a battery replacement from us. We can can complete the task of carefully opening your Hudl2 case without damaging it, installing a replacement battery and returning it to you via My Hermes tracked all for just £25. Hudl 2 Battery replacement service

Please note, this may not be the only issue with your Hudl2, as a problem with the internal cabling or the Motherboard could also exhibit similar symptoms.