Anonymous Hudl 2 Repair: Is this yours?

While we do stress the importance of enclosing your details with Hudl2’s you send us to repair, every now and again, someone forgets. This causes a big problem for us as we get quite busy on the repair font at times.

If you have sent your Hudl2 to us (it’s bubblegum pink in a case) ┬áIf this belongs to you, can you please contact us so we can fix it and send it back to you? We’ll need to you to confirm what sort of case it’s in, so we know it’s you that sent it to us.

We do try our best to provide a good service, but it’s vital that we can keep track of who has sent us what, and if you forget to enclose your details in the package you send to us, it makes things very difficult as we effectively have no way of knowing who sent it or who to send it back to.


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