Where can I get my Hudl 2 repaired?

We can repair any physical faults with Hudl 2 tablets. Cracked screen? We can replace it. Damaged Charging Port? We can fix it. Faulty motherboard? We can install a replacement. Battery not holding charge? We can fix a refurbished battery.

The Difference Between Software and Hardware Faults

If your Hudl2 boots up OK and doesn’t have any touch screen related issues, but you have been having problems using it, then this is very rarely indicative of a physical hardware fault. For example, if you experience issues connecting to the Google Play store, this is far more likely to be a software issue. Issues along these lines often happen after you upgrade the firmware on Android devices. Frequently, the problems are caused by a poorly programmed app that was written to run on an older version of the Android operating system. If you experience issues of this nature, then your first course of action should be a factory reset. Once this is complete and you sign back in, if you Hudl 2 works without problems for a few minutes or hours, while your apps are automatically downloaded from the Play Store, then you can be certain that a rogue app is responsible for this behavior.  If the issue re-occurs then you should try uninstalling apps one by one until the issue fixes itself.

Sometime the issue can fix itself. This can occur because Android needs to update operating system files. Typically what happens is that Android reports a consistent error message that reappears as soon as you dismiss it. However, as soon as the correct files are downloaded and install, the issue goes away by itself.

Issues with WiFi Connectivity

WiFi related issues can often be caused by problems with your router. Some routers have limited support for WiFi devices. As we live in a world where more and more devices have WiFi functionality, this can result in the router getting overloaded with the sheer volume of connected devices. Try rebooting your router.