Selling Hudl 2’s on eBay

The market in reconditioned Hudl 2 tablets is alive and kicking. At the time of writing, reconditioned Hudl 2 tablets consistently sell for between £80 and £100 on eBay depending on the condition of the tablet and the accessories it comes with. Broken Hudl 2 with cracked screens routinely sell for £20 – £30.

So what’s the secret to selling reconditioned tech on eBay? One of the things I’ve noticed is that some people simply don’t take much time writing an eBay listing. They might write a couple of lines and use the worst digital camera known to man to take grainy photos in very poor lighting conditions. eBay currently allow you to load 12 photos per listing free of charge, so if you want your item to sell it would be crazy not to take advantage of this. Realistically, spending a few extra minutes taking good quality photos can result in high bids, more watchers and extra snipers. This results in a higher final sale price, so take some time with your listing.

The approach I took when I started selling reconditioned Hudl 2 tablets on eBay was to review the marketing material that Tesco produced to promote the Hudl 2 when they were first released on the market. I tried to get a feel for the type of photography they’d used and the angles of the shots. I then tried to replicate these as best I could using my mobile phone. Here’s what I came up with:

Hudl2 Bubblegum Pink Speaker and Charge Port
Hudl2 Bubblegum Pink HDMI and SD Card Slot
Hudl 2 Bubble Gum Pink Back Panel Logo
Hudl 2 Bubblegum Pink Camera and Top Speaker

Once you start taking close up shots of individual device features, you’ll rapidly fill the 12 free photo allocation that eBay provides. This results in a vastly better browsing experience for buyers, as they are able to see in detail the condition of the device you are selling. Be honest in the listing. For example if the charging port is scuffed, explain this in the listing and show a photo of it.

Hudl 2 Bubblegum Pink Screen
Hudl 2 Bumper Case Bubblegum Pink
Hudl 2 Bubblegum Pink Screen
Hudl 2 Bumper Case Bubblegum Pink
Hudl 2 Bumper Case Bubblegum Pink Back of Case

So what is the secret to good eBay Photography? If you have a decent spec smart phone, then the camera on this will be ideal for shooting close up shots. First make sure that the lens is clean and that the lighting is good. Natural lighting works best. Compose the shot so that you are not casing shadows over the device. Try and minimise reflections of yourself in the screen of the device.

If you start selling a lot of tech on eBay then you should really invest in a simple setup to consistently provide the best possible results you can with the camera that you have. One of the most useful items I purchased was a goose neck grip for my phone camera:

BESTEK 2-in-1 Gooseneck Flexible Cell Phone Holder Stand 360-degree Roating, with Car Vehicle Windshield Suction Cup Mount for iPhone,Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG GPS Devices BTIH750


Essentially what you do is set-up you shot with your photo camera positioned on the goose neck holder, then use a Bluetooth shutter control to take the shot. This avoids camera shake, allows you to keep yourself out the frame, cuts down on unnecessary shadows and results in much more professional looking photographs. Raise the bar and reap the rewards.