Hudl2 Postal Diagnostics

Sometimes it can be really difficult to determine what’s wrong with a Hudl2, or it might have a software related issue that prevents you from being able to use it. So we’re now offering postal Hudl2 diagnostics. Just checkout below.

Please Click the link below to add the Hudl 2 Postal Diagnosis service order to you cart, then click the Checkout with Paypal Button to pay us.

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The price covers our time to complete a complete diagnosis of your Hudl2 problem and resolve it if we can, as well as return shipping and packing via My Hermes Tracked. If the diagnosis reveals a hardware fault, we will deduct what you have already paid us from the cost of the replacement part. So for example, if you sent us your Hudl2 and it transpires that the motherboard needs replacing, we offer you the option to purchase a motherboard replacement for an additional £35 rather than the normal price of £60. If it requires a replacement battery or charging board, we won’t charge you any more as the price you have already paid covers the replacement parts and labor.

If you decide you don’t want to proceed with the repair, we will return your Hudl2 to you or sometimes offer to purchase it if has some working parts we can use.

Please insure you include your return details in the package that you send to us. We routinely fix a lot of Hudl2 tablets and we don’t want to mix them up. Once you place the order, we will contact you to get an overview of the problems you are having and will supply shipping instructions so you can send your Hudl2 to us.