Hudl 2 USB Charging Board Replacement

We Repair Hudl 2 Charging Boards!

Hudl 2 USB Charging Board Replacement Service

We can replace your Hudl 2 charging board for you via our postal repair service. We charge £25 for this service, which includes the cost of the replacement part, our time to install it and the return shipping cost to you via My Hermes. Please contact us for more information. Please note, having repaired hundreds of Hudl2 tablets, the only time we have seen any issues with the charging board is when it has been physically damaged by someone repeatedly trying to jam the charging cable into the port the wrong way around. If your Hudl2 won’t charge and doesn’t display a charging light, this is much more likely to be a fault with the motherboard than the charging port.


Hudl2 Charging Board DIY Replacement

Problems with the USB charging port on the Hudl 2 are quite common. The frequency of these issues is not due to any problem with the Hudl 2, but due to the design of the micro USB connector. Future USB connections will allow you to plug them in either way around. However, problems with charging ports on Hudl2 tend to be as a result of attempting to plug the charging cable in the wrong way around. This appears to be a function of human nature. If it doesn’t plug in, the first reaction appears to be to shove it. If enough force is applied, this results in the Hudl 2 charging connector getting pushed inside the case, and breaking away from it’s solder joints. In a worst case scenario that can create an electrical short, causing further damage to other components inside the case.

Fortunately replacing the Charging Board is relatively simple.


Hudl 2 Charging Board

If you’re feeling confident having watch the video to complete a DIY replacement, click on the link below to purchase a replacement Hudl 2 charging board directly from us, in our Hudl2 Spares Store:

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