Hudl 2 The Future

So what does the future hold for the Hudl 2? The main problem is that now Tesco have disbanded the talented team of designers and developers that created the Hudl 2, there will be no more official Firmware releases beyond Lollipop for the Hudl 2. In the long term, this will create problems as updated applications will eventually cease to work on obsoleted versions of Android. However, this is likely to take several years. In the shorter term, the Hudl 2 is likely to increase in value as the supply in spare parts dries up and the number of functional Hudl 2’s in the wild decreases.

However, there is some hope that unofficial firmware could eventually be released for the device. While it isn’t currently possible to root the Hudl 2 on Lollipop firmware, this might change going forward, specifically if root enabling vulenrablities are ever found in the code.