Hudl 2 Repair Tools

Hudl 2 Repair Tools and How to use them

I repaired my first Hudl2 using a butter knife to open the case. This isn’t the best approach. Generally speaking, the cases on any mobile device will not have been designed to be opened by the user and they are ease to damage if you don’t use the correct tools.

How to Open a Hudl 2 Case

I often find opening the Hudl2 case the most challenging and time consuming part of the repair process. The trick is to start at the corners. You need to be careful, as if you push too hard you can break the pop connectors and will find a little shower of white plastic shard when you finally get the case open. This will result in the case not closing properly when you finish the repair.

Instead insert a plastic pry tool into the corner and slide it down the seam. Wiggle it a bit to pop the connectors without breaking them. Do this it all four corners of the Hudl 2 and the back of the Hudl2 should come off without too much trouble.

Spudger or Pry Tool.

Hudl 2 Repair Tools