Hudl 2 Diagnostic Questionnaire

Diagnostic Questionnaire

If your Hudl2 is not working and you don’t know why, please try following our diagnostic questionnaire.¬†This is a bit like NHS direct for Hudl 2 tablets. Simply answer a series of mainly “Yes or No” questions about the problem with your Hudl 2 and you will be provided with possible solutions. It may be something you can fix yourself, or will help to determine if you need to get your Hudl 2 repaired professionally.

Power and Charging.

Does a Red or Green Power Light appear when you plug a known working USB Charging Cable into your Hudl2 while it is switched off?









By “known working” what we mean is that you know that the charging cable works (by testing it with another device), you know that the USB plug works and you know that the plug socket it’s plugged into also works.